Maverick Media and Public Relations provides a range of editorial services that include writing press releases, website copy and multi-media.

Our team includes journalists who have many years experience in writing for mainstream newspapers and niche publications. Our team - having worked for many years in the media sector - really understands what newsdesks want to see in copy. Because of this experience we write copy that reflects the publications that clients want their stories to appear in.

The business is part of a wider company that provides online publications and online live streaming TV and videoing. The parent company runs one of the UK's largest online niche newspapers - Martial News - which provides reports and features on martial arts and combat sports.

We have been commissioned to write stories on subjects as diverse as major combat sports tournaments, Hollywood actors and new products.

Our full service including working with clients to ensure publication targets are met, research for articles, producing copy and organising interviews as well as arranging photoshoots. We not only write for hard copy publications, we also arrange radio and TV interviews.

We have our own photographers, models and TV camera personnel as well as IT experts.

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